Scandal recap, Flesh and Blood

Scandal recap, Flesh and Blood

Tonight was the penultimate episode of Scandal, and it was all about family bonds -- and a bag full of semen, basically.

One thing I realized while watching tonight's show is that Mellie and Eli are kindred spirits. Both of them were (or are) stuck in marriages in which their spouses are in love with other people. Fitz wants Liv. Maya/Marie was all about Dominic. Scandal, in its very Scandal-rific way, shows us how devastating that kind of betrayal can be to a person. Eli has waited his whole life to kill the man his wife loved over him, and Mellie is willing to mess up Fitz's chance at another term just to ruin him with the news that his son might really be his father's son. These are wounds sustained from injuries incurred long ago, and neither party has been willing to let go of the past.

Also feeling wounded by a family member is Liv, who, after watching her mother let the man she loves die, realizes that Maya has no love in her heart. Liv, of course, turns all this back around to her own shit, worrying that she'll never truly love anyone, because she knows she loves Fitz, but she also really liked having sex with Jake. To which Jake responds, "Have you seen me?"

It turns out, however, that Eli "Papa" Pope is correct, as usual. Maya/Marie doesn't love anyone...except Olivia. When she sees Liv on stage with Fitz at a rally in Defiance, Ohio, where, presumably, a bomb is about to go off, Maya/Marie runs over to Pope and Associates and tells Eli to bring her baby home. (Which is weird, because the bomb isn't even in Defiance, Ohio, and she knows that. This show is ridiculous, but I probably didn't have to tell you that.)

Liv time travels quickly back to DC, where she finds her dad in her office (her recently cleaned office, after the last murder), lying in a pool of his own blood. He's alive, but barely, and holy jeez, if they kill Joe Morton I will be PISSED. He's basically the only good thing on this show right now. Well, him and Mellie. And sometimes Leo.

This whole episode was pretty much without a plot. Things were happening, they just weren't happening in a way that felt like forward momentum. A senator dies at the hands of Maya/Marie because she wanted a funeral where she knew Fitz would show up to grandstand and deliver a crappy eulogy written by one of his staffers. The gladiators of Pope and Associates spend the entire episode trying to track down...I don't know... information?...that would lead them to the bomb. Jake gets kicked off his service as master of B-613 and explains to Liv that once you're Command, you're always Command, even if you've only been Command for, like, fifteen minutes. He threatens David Rosen, who winds up helping Jake realize that the bomb is not at the school in Ohio, but it's actually at the funeral. Really, this whole situation was simply ridiculous and I don't know how anyone arrived at any of these conclusions. So, basically, your standard Scandal episode. And now we're left hanging, waiting to see who will die -- Sally or Leo or Andrew or everyone or no one.

Odds and Ends

  • We are now four days away from the general election. How is it "November" already? I thought we were still waiting to have the primary.
  • Along those lines, how much time has passed since James got popped? It feels like that happened a minute ago, but Cyrus is all, "Husband? What husband? I have evil machinations to attend to!" at this point.
  • Obviously the less said about Quuck the better; but it is worth noting that if Eli Pope ends up dying, it's all their fault for not being on the alert when Marie Wallace traipsed right past them in the garage.
  • But seriously, I never need to see either of those people ever engage in any sort of sexual shenanigans again. I'd rather see Leo bump uglies with Sally.
  • Harrison was wearing suits and finding things out about numbers. And now he's being held hostage by Adnan. Whatever.
  • Abby really hates Eli, and now I'm totally shipping them.
  • Who in the goddamn hell ever calls it "OPA?" Shut up, Quinn. Go away. Far, far away.
  • Drunk Mellie is the best Mellie.
  • I liked how Olivia said "Big Jerry" in one scene about Fitz's father, so that when Mellie says "Big Jerry" in another scene we're all, like, "We remember who that is!"
  • This episode had blood and spunk in a white lunch bag, and the most disturbing image was definitely Huck and Quinn banging on the hood of a car.
  • I love how they're all trying so hard to keep Fitz alive so he can finally prove he's capable of doing the job he's had for the past four years.

What did you think? Who will die next week?

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