Harry Potter divorce? Hermione married the wrong dude

Harry Potter divorce? Hermione married the wrong dude

It's endearing that J.K. Rowling still likes to talk about the books that made her a household name (and several boatloads of coin). Many authors are anxious to move on or shy away from what brought them to the dance, but not Ms. Rowling. Since the Harry Potter books ended in 2007, she has outed Dumbledore, published The Tales of Beadle the Bard (and some Hogwarts textbooks), worked on an encyclopedia, and started Pottermore. (And supposedly she's working on more books that will be made into more movies. And hopefully more Legos.)

But because she's so affably chatty about the world she created, sometimes it's too much. Like this weekend, when she told The Sunday Times that Herminone should not have married Ron. She should've ended up with Harry instead.

Rowling believes that she forced the relationship between Hermione and Ron because it had been her original plan, which made sense when the characters were conceived, but made less sense as the series went along. She believes that if Hermione and Ron had ended up together in real life, they would've needed marriage counseling. Which, so what?

If you haven't gathered, I'm Team Ronmione. Harry and Hermione make zero sense to me. That's like Luke and Leia ending up together (provided Darth Vader lied about that whole "Luke, I am your father" thing). That's like Kate ending up with Jack instead of Sawyer (which actually did happen and it's still STUPID). It's like if, when the final page of The Song of Ice and Fire series is written (forty-seven years from now), Daenerys ends up with Jon Snow instead of Arya. Boring.

Hermione needs Ron, and he needs her. He brings out the silly side of her. She helps him tone it down. Could you imagine how horribly dull and tedious Harry and Hermione would be as a couple? You wouldn't want them at your dinner party. They'd be the couple people would just stop inviting to stuff until they got the hint.

What do you think? Are you Team Hermiron or Team Harmione?

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