10 Actors Who Are Not Allowed To Die Prematurely Under Any Circumstances Whatsoever

Okay, that's it.  I can't take it anymore.  First, over the summer, there was James Gandolfini, taken from us way too early due to a heart attack.  He was one of the most iconic television actors of all time, equally good on the silver screen in supporting roles.  Then, in late November, Paul Walker died in a fiery, accidental car crash.  Damn it.  The guy was barely 40.  His death was completely unnecessary.  And now?  Philip Seymour Hoffman.  One of the greatest actors working today, fantastic in every movie he's ever been in.  His filmography reads like a greatest hits package of the last 15 years.  Gone.

I know death is a common part of life.  I recognize that I don't even know these people.  But celebrity is an odd duck, and it has a weird way of making us feel a connection to actors, even though we've never set foot in the same room as them.  All three of the deaths I've mentioned have been tough to swallow.  I don't know about you, but the news about each hit me like a punch to the gut.  It almost takes your breath away.  And, as beloved and popular as all three are, if their deaths can have such forceful effect on the public, I shudder to think about other actors we could lose.

That's why I'm laying down the law.  In an effort to prevent further heartbreak, I am putting a moratorium on the premature death of actors.  This moratorium applies to everyone, but, for purposes of this post, I'm going to call out the 10 actors/actresses who are NOT, under any circumstances whatsoever, allowed to die prematurely.  Their filmographies are too essential.  Their celebrity too big.  Their legacy too great.  I don't know how Hollywood would function without them.  So, what does that mean, "prematurely"?  It means they have to live to at least Hume Cronyn or Kirk Douglas age before I'll even accept the notion of them not being with us.

Death, you're on notice.  Stay away from these 10 (technically, 11), no matter what.  Go take a holiday.  Say hi to Joe Black.  Just stay away.

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