Greg Maddux's induction into the Hall of Fame should get an asterisk

Greg Maddux's induction into the Hall of Fame should get an asterisk

Because of (at least one) principled moron, Greg Maddux will not be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame unanimously.'s writers revealed how they voted and Maddux was on every ballot except one -- Ken Gurnick's, who only voted for Jack Morris. Gurnick's reasoning was that he did not plan to ever, never, never vote for any player who played during the era that has been tainted by performance enhancing drugs. Greg Maddux, skinny little Maddux, who pitched like an ace despite having to go up against scores of guys (allegedly) all hopped up on Mountain Dew (or worse), gets the shaft because he happened to pitch during that time period.

(Gurnick's reasoning is further flawed, considering Morris's and Maddux's careers overlapped by several years.)

Maybe I'm all butt hurt because Greg Maddux is THAT PLAYER for me. While my dad grew up loving Ron Santo and Ernie Banks and Fergie Jenkins, I grew up loving Greg Maddux and Mark Grace and Andre Dawson. I remember well the summer of 1989 when I had a horrible earache and no cable, so I just lay on the couch in the living room watching the Cubs on WGN for (what seemed like) weeks, watching all my boyfriends play. I was crushed when he left for the Braves, but I never stopped rooting for him.

I know Maddux not getting into the Hall unanimously is not the worst injustice ever to befall humanity. I mean, he's still getting in. It's a little like complaining my diamond shoes are too tight. But if we can't all agree on the greatness of Greg Maddux, what can we agree on?

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