28 Hot Movies That Will Help You Escape The Chicago Weather

Public transportation is a mess.  Medical experts are warning about frostbite setting in after 5 minutes outside.  The freezing temps are setting records.  Schools are closed and kids are home playing Skylanders.  Businesses are closed and parents are working remotely from home.  And, all the news can report right now is this: It's bleeping cold outside, baby.

Whether you've been gifted an official snow day (a/k/a "get out of work free" card), or you've just taken one for yourself (that's right, damn the man!), if there's one certainty in life, it's that Snow Day = Movie Day.  Given the weather out, why not live vicariously through one of these hot movies, all of which should help keep you toasty warm, or at least distracted enough to think you're toasty warm.  So, turn on HBO, power up your Netflix streaming device, or just pop in a Blu-ray, and feel the heat!

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