12 Ways Frozen Has Taken Over Our Lives

12 Ways Frozen Has Taken Over Our Lives
And these were only the Frozen items that were readily available.

My daughter loves Frozen. She is all about it. She just had Christmas and her third birthday and 90% of the gifts she received were Frozen related.

It's just constant Frozen in our house right now. Frozen, Frozen, Frozen.

Here's how Frozen has taken over our lives.

1. It's the only thing we listen to in the car. Whenever we're driving anywhere, the first thing Baby Cookies asks is that we "put on the last 'Let It Go.'" Why is it the "last 'Let It Go?'" I have no earthly idea. By comparison, the Demi Lovato "Let It Go" is just the "other 'Let It Go."

2. I had to wear my hair in two braids the other day because I was Anna and my daughter was Elsa.

3. We've started referring to the weather outside as "Elsa is angry and afraid."

4. Snowflakes are all "like from Frozen."

5. We are constantly singing songs from this movie.

6. And reading books based on the movie.

7. And listening to audio CDs of the books based on the movie.

8. Last night at the Cheesecake Factory (yes, we went to the Cheesecake Factory), Cookies used me as her own personal jukebox. She'd poke me and tell me she just pressed my "last 'Let It Go'" button, meaning I had to start singing the last "Let It Go." Then she pressed another button and said it was the "coronation" button.

9. Did you notice how my 3-year-old now knows the word "coronation?" She thinks snow storms are caused by ice queens, but she knows the word "coronation."

10. All snowmen are now Olaf. And screw Rudolph. Reindeers are now Sven.

11. My son has taken to sleeping with the Elsa doll.

12. And I've taken to sleeping with the Kristoff doll. Shut up.

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