2013 Gift Guide: 31 F'ing Rad Holiday Gift Ideas for the TV Fan in Your Life (Not to over-sell it or anything)

Yesterday John posted an epic gallery of holiday gift ideas for movie lovers. Today I'm thinking about gifts for TV fans.

Does your mother love The Good Wife and also a good night's sleep? This list is for her. Does your administrative assistant swoon every time her Daryl Dixon screensaver pops up? You will find things on this list for her. Does your cousin Bob have a thing for ladies' underwear and double entendres? Well, we've got something for him, too.

Obviously, I haven't covered every show on TV or in the history of television in this post. If you feel particularly slighted that I've omitted your favorite show, let me know in the comments. I'm open to doing more of these posts. I just want to know what you want. We're all about your needs here.

Also, you will notice that there are no Game of Thrones gifts on this list. That's because there are too goddamn many to choose from and I'm giving that show its own post. Prepare yourself. Winter is coming.

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