The Walking Dead recap, "Indifference"

The Walking Dead recap, "Indifference"

Tonight's episode of The Walking Dead, "Indifference," can be summed up with three words: LET IT GO.

The episode followed two groups of people -- Daryl's merry band of misfit medical supply hunters and the dynamic duo of Rick and Carol (duos get no more dynamic). Many of these folks were struggling with letting things go, both physically and emotionally. Let's examine, shall we?

Tyreese: Tyreese's girlfriend, Whatshername, died a few weeks ago and he's not handling it all that well. He's not sure yet whether he wants to live or die. That's why he almost let himself be felled by a zombie horde last week and why he held on tight to another zombie this week. He's walking the line and he needs to pick a side. By the end of the episode, he seems to be ready to live his life and to get back home to his ailing sister. I can tell all this by the way he forcefully tossed a fire extinguisher out a window in order to save himself and his comrades from certain zombie death.

D'Angelo Barksdale: He can't let go of alcohol. Even though he believes that his desire for booze indirectly caused Zach's death in the season premiere, he still filled his backpack full of bottles and wouldn't let it go when the zombies got ahold of it. Daryl is not a fan of D's weakness and got all up in his grill to express his displeasure. D will have to keep himself in check unless he wants another nose full of Eau de Daryl Dixon.

Michonne: Daryl called it right. She was leaving the camp for weeks at a time to look for the Governor. Because she wants to kill him. But she's not angry, no. She just wants him dead because that's the way it's got to be. But now that she realizes the trail has gone cold and her need for vengeance might be clouding her mind, she tells Daryl that she's turning in her hunting license and going back to the prison for good this time. (Which means she and Rick can finally make their love real, right? RIGHT? #Richonne4EVA)

Carol: She'd have us believe that she's this tough lady all of a sudden, but there's still a lot of pain lurking underneath. I kept waiting all episode for her to have this moment of realization, that the way she's living now, this need for self-preservation, is just a cover for the fact that she's sad she lost her daughter. I think she has been so wounded her whole life (physically and emotionally) that she's just completely shut down her ability to feel emotion. I was sure that Daryl was going to be the one to bring the emotion (read: sexytimes) out of her, but now that Rick's kicked her off the ranch, that looks less likely.

I also thought that her big conversation with Little Lizzy at the start of the episode was foreshadowing a time where Lizzy might have to take Carol down in the name of saving herself or her sister. Still could happen.

So, what Carol needs to let go of is this callus she's formed over her soul. She needs to remember that she lives in a society (if she's allowed back into that society). There are rules. Actions must be taken for the greater good, but Rick was absolutely right (What? Am I agreeing with Rick?). Tyreese's lady friend and David from Decatur could've gotten better. Or not. But killing them was not Carol's decision to make. He's absolutely right not to trust her anymore. He's just doing what he needs to do for his own self-preservation and for the safety of his children. Carol's got to respect that. Rick has beaten her at her own game.

Other Stuff:

  • I think Rick took Carol outside the prison gates specifically to ditch her. He gave her a chance to prove she still had some humanity left in her cold, dead soul; but she was all too willing to leave shoulder guy in the lurch, so Rick knew he needed to leave her behind. What say you?
  • Tyreese (Cutty) got his knife caught on a wire. A WIRE. Get it?
  • Daryl does not understand why two people would choose to die together in the Zombpocalypse. Daryl needs to experience the love of a good woman (or man; we're not really sure where Daryl falls on the Kinsey scale yet, are we?)
  • D'Angelo Barksdale is always the last one standing in every group he joins. He's Bruce Willis in Unbreakable and this is his origin story.
  • There was a shot of a book called Enter a New Dawn. Is this like LOST? Are we supposed to google things every time someone mentions a book or something or can we let it go because it's just The Walking Dead?
  • Rick's got a new watch. It's Carol's old watch. It's like when Caroline got new pants on 2 Broke Girls, and I've said too much.

What did you think of this episode? When will we see Carol again?

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