Scandal recap, "Icarus"

Scandal recap, "Icarus"

Though this episode of Scandal was named "Icarus" after the Greek myth about the boy who flew too close to the sun, this crux of this episode centered around cheating, secrets, and lies. Let's run it down, shall we?

Mellie: She's not actually cheating on anyone (yet), but she's trying to help facilitate her husband's cheating with Olivia Pope. She knows that sad dog Fitz won't inspire any Americans to vote for him, so she's just hoping Olivia will give him a little pick-me-up by running around and doing her little behind shake for the menfolk.

This plan backfires because Mellie forgot to factor in that one time when Fitz shot down a commercial jet and killed Olivia's mom. That kind of thing can really drive a wedge between two people. Mellie might want to start looking for a New Liv, or an "Olivia Nope," to take her place on the campaign trail. For the good of the country, of course.

Daniel Douglas: That's the veep's husband, in case the name doesn't ring a bell, and, hoo-boy, does he have eyes for every woman in the room who's not his wife. Mellie definitely noticed this and hopes to use his philandering ways either to keep Sally in check on the ticket, or if she does wind up going rogue and running as an independent, to bring her down as one of Fitz's opponents. I would not put it past Mellie to actually "seal the deal" with Daniel just to keep Sally from straying away from Fitz. Mellie is always willing to take one for the team.

Sally: Speaking of Sally, she's obviously cheating on Fitz by testing the waters for her own presidential run, but she's also getting a little up-close-and-personal with her campaign manager, Leo. I think a Sally/Leo (Salleo?) sex scene is in our future. Prepare your mind's eye accordingly.

Abby/Olivia: They're doing a little cheating of their own. They're trying to rile up Josie Marcus's temper. Their new client comes off as more of a sweet little lady who makes pies than as a former lieutenant in the military. So Abby and Olivia make a fake political ad and say that it came from the other Democratic candidate's camp. Josie buys it and runs with it, giving a really terrific speech about the little ways the media and the other candidates tend to stereotype and belittle the strength and savviness of a female politician. This cheating was really for the greater good. White hat, bitches.

Harrison: While Abby and Liv were off in Montana having tea and pie, Harrison was back in DC trying not to screw things up too bad at Pope and Associates. Cyrus heard that Harrison's mommy wasn't home, so he showed up to ask some questions and to try to coerce Harrison to talk Olivia into coming back to Fitz's campaign. Cyrus threatened to let someone called "Adnan Salif (possibly)" back into the country. This scared the pattern right off of Harrison's suspenders. If Salif gets back into the country, Harrison is a dead man. Why? SECRETS.

Jake: Jake has secrets of his own, namely a girl named Kate, who helps him out with tricky things. She wants some Jake action, which she appears to have had before. But Jake is all, "Just the information, ma'am." What a good boy. You can take the Noel out of the RA position, but you can't take the RA position out of the Noel. Did that just make sense? I'm not sure.

Anyway, the whole Kate thing is moot, because she dead. Some guy who had been following Jake killed her. Turns out Kate was going to kill Jake, so it all worked out for the best for everyone. Except Kate, obviously.

James: James is doing interviews with all of Fitz's opponents and he's refusing to do Cyrus's bidding because he's a respectable journalist. If you can't use your journalist husband to skew public perceptions in your favor, then who can you use?

Quinn: She's still got that gun, folks. And she is determined to figure out how to use it. Charlie happened to show up at the shooting range to offer her some sexy pointers. I think Quinn's got a little crush, which is why she asked Huck if there's any way someone from B-613 could get out and live a normal life. She has dreams of herself and Charlie and picket fences and 2.5 semi-automatic weapons frolicking around the backyard.

But Charlie's up to THINGS. Looks like Quinn might be a new B-613 recruit. Run, Quinn. Run as fast as you can. Or don't. We don't really care what happens to you at this point.

Fitz: He showed up at Olivia's apartment all, "I forgave you for things (what things?) and accepted your truths (what truths?)" And she was like, "You killed my mother, asshole." He didn't really have a response for that, so he just kind of backed out of the room with his tail between his legs.

David: Wherefore art thou? You cheated us out of your presence.

Other Stuff:

  • I wasn't expecting Khandi Alexander to show up as Olivia's mom so soon, but there she was (in flashback). It will be fun when she returns IN REAL LIFE. Because you know she's alive. And Olivia probably has a secret sister. I just want to prepare you for the inevitable.
  • So, now that we know who's playing Olivia's mom, let's talk about other casting wish lists: Who should play Abby's ex-husband? My vote right now is for McSteamy, i.e. Eric Dane.
  • And who should play Adnan Salif? I'm voting for Naveen Andrews, even though he's on that Once Upon a Time spin-off. Get out of that contract, Naveen. This is Scandal. This is the dance, man. This is the show.
  • That was a big, bulky coat Olivia was wearing in her first scene with Fitz. Are they hiding Kerry Washington's pregnancy already?
  • Josie's a little too quick to whore herself out to Big Sugar and Big Ethanol. I think this will come back to bite her.
  • Liv drunk dialed her dad. That's always the worst.

What did you think? Will Folivia ever be able to recover from THE TRUTH (barf, barf, gag, gag)?

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