Scandal recap, "Everything's Coming Up Mellie"

Scandal recap, "Everything's Coming Up Mellie"

Whoa, Mellie.

Tonight's episode of Scandal, "Everything's Coming Up Mellie," was all about the things Mellie has had to endure on her husband's road to the White House, as well as during his term as president.

Here are the injustices, in no particular order:

1. Cyrus's beard. No one should have to see that.

2. Her father-in-law yelling at Mellie and her new husband as they try to conceive a grandchild for the man. Fitz's response to his dad: "I'm coming!"

3. Knowledge that her husband shot down a plane full of 329 people.

4. Having to pick out china when she really wants to pick out hookers to seduce the vice president's husband.

5. And, oh yeah, being sexually assaulted by Fitz's father. (And probably conceiving a baby, her first-born son, with him. "He's my father! My grandfather! My father! My grandfather!")

So, yes, Barry Bostwick's character raped Mellie. And it was pretty horrifying.

(Side note: I've been watching and writing about Felicity for This Was Television with Emma Fraser. This week we watched the episode where Julie is sexually assaulted, so it's been that kind of week, TV-wise. And Jake hanging out with all the Pope and Associates people reminded me of Noel hanging out with the resident advisors in that same Felicity episode about drawing the line. It's all connected.)

(Side note, take two: It's also been the kind of TV week where two sitcoms, i.e. New Girl and 2 Broke Girls, made jokes about Ironside. Both shows with the word "girl" in them. I think I need to go to bed.)

Anyway, back to Mellie. She endures this awful encounter with her father-in-law and she decides to say nothing, because…I'm not sure at first. Embarrassment? Shame? Wanting to have the upper hand on Barry Bostwick for once? A little bit of all three?

When she see's Fitz's dad at breakfast the next day, he tries to apologize for things getting "a little out of hand." She blows him off and tells him that from now on he has to treat Fitz with respect, no matter how much Fitz deserves to be hit upside the head with a baguette. Fitz's dad agrees, and I think it's the first time Mellie consciously makes the choice to put getting to the White House ahead of her own well-being and happiness.

Back in the present day, Mellie is being interviewed about organizing cocktail parties and curating art exhibits and she puts on a happy face for the cameras, but really she hates it. This thing she's wanted for so long, to be in the White House, is not what she expected it to be. It's boring and tedious; and while she's been unhappy making all the stupid decisions for the good of the country/marriage/political power couple, her husband's been off getting his jollies taken care of by Olivia Pope. Mellie's taken on all of the pain and strife without any of the upside.

The only time she gets any joy is when she's scheming with Cyrus. The two of them are hell bent on taking down Sally's husband, Daniel. They know he has a wandering eye, so they brought in a hooker to seduce him. It didn't work. He doesn't have eyes for the girl; he seems to be into dudes, which we all should've figured since he looks a whole lot like that one state senator from The Office. (This doesn't explain why he was so attentive to Mellie at the family dinner last week. Maybe she's simply his Judy Garland.)

Since I've been rambling on about taking one for the team, do you think this means Cyrus will take one for the team and go after Sally's husband, in the name of securing the White House for Fitz?

And when does Fitz get to do any of his own dirty work?

This is as good as time as any to lay the rest of it all down in the bullet points.

  • Liv's mom is alive, but you knew that already. I'm just surprised they're giving us that reveal in November. I had guessed it'd be a season finale cliff hanger.
  • Quinn is now part of B613. Charlie tricked her. She's an idiot. Hopefully she'll wind up in the box for a while. She needs to examine her life choices.
  • Harrison watch: He had on great suspenders, but his only real moment in the show was telling Liv that of course they'd help her out and figure out who murdered her mother and why. #FreeHarrison
  • Abby had about as much to do in this episode as Harrison did, except she also go to hug Liv.
  • And Huck got to…putz around doing not much except sneering at Quinn.
  • Fitz not knowing that Rowan was Olivia's father by now seems like a bit of a stretch. Except Fitz is a known idiot, so...
  • The actress who played the reporter is from the Shonda Rhimes stable. She played Derek's sister on Grey's Anatomy. I think.

What did you think of this episode? How deep will Quinn get before she's put in a hole, rescued by Huck, and then revived by his warm lips? Is that baby Fitz's dad's? How, when, or why will this information surface?

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