34 Egregious Examples of Truly Terrible DVD Cover Art

There I was, going about my business on the train like normal.  I was about to watch a movie on my iPad to pass the time, and then, a deep sense of Fassbender-type shame washed over me as I clicked on the image of said movie.  I hoped nobody would notice.  The movie was Jack Reacher.  You know, that 2012 action flick starring a miscast Tom Cruise, based on the book, One Shot, by Lee Child?  Yeah, that one.  Was I ashamed to be watching Jack Reacher?  No, it's a solid film.  But, I was ashamed of Jack Reacher's DVD cover art.

That got me thinking.  Jack Reacher has some laughably bad DVD cover art.  What other decent-to-pretty great movies are out there getting their reputations sullied by what's on the box?  They say you can't judge a book by its cover, but I'm about to do just that with these DVDs (and/or Blu Rays).  Let's get to it.

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