7 Other TV Shows That Went Down in Flames

With all the talk about Breaking Bad this week, it got lost in the shuffle that another critical darling ended its run on September 22. Showtime's Dexter sailed off into the sunset to groans, complaints, and a whopping "F" grade from the A.V. Club.

Dexter's failure served as a good reminder. For every Breaking Bad, for every show that ends its run on a creative high, there are several more shows out there that limp to the end, shells of their former selves, that leave you wondering what you ever loved about the show in the first place.

When a show runs for five, six, seven seasons, it's hard to keep the magic flowing for that long. Maybe your show's premise was more suited for a one-and-done-type scenario. Maybe you were working toward a satisfying conclusion when the network gave you a last minute stay of execution and you had to drag things out for another whole season. Maybe you dug yourself such a deep mythological hole, trusting the story would figure itself out along the way, but it never did.

So here are five more shows that ended on low notes and two other shows that are about to.

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