The Walking Dead Season Premiere, "30 Days Without an Incident"

The Walking Dead Season Premiere, "30 Days Without an Incident"

Tonight's The Walking Dead season premiere, "30 Days Without and Incident," was all about couplings. Hooking up, you see. Love. Friendship. Future friends with benefits.

Let's see how all the Romeos and Juliets fared tonight.

Eddie and the zombie-looking lady in the woods: You know how sometimes if a couple has been together long enough, they start to resemble each other? That's what talking zombie lady is dealing with. She's still alive (at least at the beginning of the episode), but her husband has been turned. She's been keeping him zombie-alive in a box next to her little tent, as any good wife would.

She goes out into the woods to find some food for "Eddie," and who she finds is Rick. Now, if you'll recall, Rick spent most of the last few seasons not trusting anyone. He about freaked when Tyreese showed up last season and wanted to be best friends. But there's a new Sheriff Rick in town. This Sheriff Rick will follow strange women half way around the world. He will even give said strange women knives because...I'm not sure why. Because he's an idiot, probably.

Anyway, the whole point of this thing was (as Hershel spelled it out for us at the end of the episode) that Rick is afraid that they can't come back from the things they've seen, the things they've done. Hershel still thinks it's possible to retain one's humanity in the face of a Zombpocalypse, but maybe Rick had good reason to worry because...

Beth and Zach: We knew Beaver from Veronica Mars wasn't going to be long for this show, because they actually bothered to tell us his name. (Conversely, you knew D'Angelo Barksdale would make it because no one said his character's name for the entire hour. Maybe because his name is Voldemort. It's the only explanation.) Zach was a lovely presence at Camp Old Otherton. He even made Daryl laugh. Daryl! And Zach had to die. That's just how these things work. No one makes Daryl chuckle and lives to tell about it.

Daryl, naturally, was the one who had to deliver to Beth the bad news that her boyfriend had been zombie eaten. Beth was all, whatevs. She doesn't even cry anymore. What's the point? Someone needs to pull her out of that funk. Someone needs to make her feel alive again. And I think that person is Daryl Dixon. Did you not sense the electricity between them? Much more heat than between...

Daryl and Carol: I know someone has been trying to make this couple happen since Season One, but I'm just not on board, no matter how many times Carol calls Daryl "Pookie." Make it stop.

Carol is holding down a lot of jobs on the farm. She's head chef and teacher. And...her hair has gotten longer?

Glenn and Maggie: They're still doing it. If there's one thing we can count on in the world of The Walking Dead it's that Glenn and Maggie are doing it. In fact, they thought Maggie might be pregnant because of all the doing it. But she's not. Phew!

Tyreese and that unnamed woman who kills zombies from behind the fence: Good for Tyreese. He chose fence duty just so he could meet this lady, and meet her he did. But he never really liked fence duty, so he decided to go on a supplies run, but he didn't really like that either. What do you like, Tyreese? What do you like? Maybe this whole season will be about Tyreese overcoming his existential crisis.

D'Angelo Barksdale and Tyreese's sister: It's happening. Book it.

Rick and Michonne: I still want this to happen, as well. I think Michonne agrees with me. Why else would she keep bringing Rick's kid comic books? You don't just do that to be nice. (And she wants Rick to shave! She thinks about his face! It's love!)

Carl's friend with the glasses (whose name they did say, but I missed it) and the pig (whose name they also said, but I didn't care enough to write it down): The pig got sick and died of mysterious circumstances. Same with Carl's friend. I don't think it's too much of a leap to assume the two of them were doing it Maggie and Glenn style.

And now that Glenn's friend is dead, he's turned into a zombie! There's a zombie loose in the prison! What ever will they do? I think they should let Beth kill him. She'd be all, "No big deal. Stop crying, Daryl, you pansy."

Other Stuff:

  • Carl took some shit from Rick for naming the pig, because Rick didn't want Carl to get too attached. And then the show went and killed off all the new characters they named in this episode. Crafty, writers.
  • How does Rick charge his iPod?
  • And how loud were those five zombies outside the fence while Rick was doing his farming?
  • Daryl still does nothing for me. It's the lady hair.
  • D'Angelo Barksdale still doesn't have a name, but he does have a backstory. He was an army medic and he's (apparently) an alcoholic. We already know more about him than we ever knew about T-Dog. RIP. #NEVERFORGET #FreeTDog
  • And it was just surreal seeing Cutty and D'Angelo in scenes together.
  • Roof zombies.
  • I can't wait for the spinoff about Eddie and his wife. Kind of a new spin on The Honeymooners.
  • What is Michonne looking for on that map?

What did you think? Do you like this gentler, more farming-er Sheriff Rick?
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