Who Wants to Answer My Questions About 'The Good Wife?'

Who Wants to Answer My Questions About 'The Good Wife?'

Last night while I was watching The Walking Dead, I noticed there was a whole lot of conversation centered around The Good Wife and the BIG CHANGES happening on that show. I've never seen an episode of The Good Wife, and I decided the best episode of the show ever might be a good place to start. But I've got some questions. Who wants to fill me in?

There are two characters named Cary at the firm, and they're both dudes?

Give me Alecia and Will's relationship in a nutshell.

Is Diane really going from being partner at a law firm to being a state Supreme Court justice? Well, I guess she's not anymore, is she.

Do people still use Blackberries, even as their official law firm phone?

What was the impetus for Alicia leaving the firm? Was there bad blood?

Did that Chumhum guy really just use the word "peeps?" How is he a business mogul?

Isn't Mr. Big in this show? Oh, there he is. He's Governor again? Or for the first time? How do we feel about him?

Alan Cumming. Nice.

Does anyone else think Cary Sort of Blond Hair looks a little like Corey Feldman, or is that just me?

Is the music on the show always this good?

These people are popping in and out of court and over to other people's houses and offices with very little difficulty. What secret teleportation device do that have to move about Chicago and through the legal system with such ease? Because I'd like to know.

Can Will really trust Kalinda?

Thank you, Good Wife experts!

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