Scandal Season Premiere Review, "It's Handled"

Scandal Season Premiere Review, "It's Handled"

Having just finished recapping the final season of Breaking Bad, it's a little tough to jump right into Scandal. This show moves at a lightning fast pace. I thought my fingers would fly off my hands from typing up all my notes on the episode.

The Season 3 premiere of Scandal, "It's Handled," puts us right back where we left off at the end of Season 2. Olivia Pope is in a car with her CIA agent, super spy father and he is pissed at her for opening her legs for the President of the United States. He basically thinks his daughter's an idiot. She's an idiot for thinking that Fitz would choose her over the power or, on the off chance that puppy dog Fitz would be a Romeo and give up everything to be with her, that the people benefiting most from Fitz's power would let him throw it all away for LOVE, or some approximation of it.

Turns out Spy Daddy was onto something. Because even though Fitz claims to want everything out in the open and that the truth will set them all free, the people around him (i.e. Mellie and Cyrus) will not let him give up the presidency for a shot at true romance.

I took a butt ton of notes on this episode, but really what it comes down to is this: Fitz is a Pollyanna who has never had to deal with adversity in his life, so he always believes that everything will turn out just fine (and it usually does!). Mellie and Cyrus are schemers who want to safeguard their places of power. The associates of Pope & Associates had literally nothing to do this episode. They were..."working?" I guess? But they accomplished nothing and they reminded me of puppets just waiting in their cases for the puppet master to return and tell them what to do.

So, I think we're back to status quo. Fitz and Mellie will continue their sham marriage. Fitz will continue to be the worst president of all time. Sally will continue to be a bee in Fitz's bonnet. Pope & Associates will once again adopt a client who has been accused of sleeping with Fitz, although this time the girl is the communications director instead of a lowly intern.

There were a few new bits of information, of course. Spy Daddy wasn't trying to kill Olivia with all his shenanigans. He was trying to kill Jake "Noel" Ballard. Why? We're not sure, but it probably has something to do with a secret mission, Operation Remington, that Jake and Fitz carried out back in Iran. Spy Daddy has now brought Cyrus into the circle of trust involving Operation Remington. And you know what happens when Cyrus gets in the mix...People die!

Also, we learned a little bit about Olivia's backstory. Her mother died in a plane crash when Olivia was 12. After that, Olivia bounced around to all the best boarding schools before becoming a Washington party girl, who hooked up with all kinds of powerful men. She has deep seeded issues with powerful men. Her mother had warned Olivia as a child that her father would destroy her. That's the stuff therapy was made for.

Other Stuff:

  • Abby is not returning David Rosen's calls, which is fine with me. Dolivia Posen 4-EVA!
  • If Quinn were in charge, they'd fix Olivia's problem by killing another intern. "A bad one. The worst one."
  • Harrison is still not a character, unless you count saying the word "gladiator" ten million times as "character."
  • Is Sally's husband cheating on her? Is that what all his DC fun is about? I hope he's hooking up with a guy. Maybe even a "brown" guy. Sally would hate that.
  • Oh, yeah. People think Olivia's dad is a curator at the Smithsonian.
  • Olivia used Fitz's fire alarm in order to call a meeting with him (and Mellie). Fitz got really bent out of shape about this because now he can't bring Oliva into the bunker if there's a terrorist attack or natural disaster or something. Does anyone else think this is foreshadowing? Will they have to drag Fitz down into the bunker when something huge happens? And then you know he'll totally find a way to escape the secret service agents and get to Oliva's apartment, where the two of them will ride out the storm in each other's arms. I'm barfing already.
  • I was a little nervous for the "they only slept together twice" plan. The details of the first hook up were pretty well spelled out, but the second bang was completely up in the air. "After Fitz was shot." Vague much? That story was just begging to be poked with holes by ace reporter James-Cyrus's-husband.
  • Another theory! Olivia will take on Sally as a client after her husband is caught schtupping the gardener, Alejandro.
  • Raise your hand if you truly believe Fitz had the mental capacity and foresight to leak Olivia's name just so that Mellie could no longer use it as a threat. That man was thinking with his penis-heart pure and simple. "If all of this gets out, maybe Mellie will finally leave me for real and then I can bang Olivia whenever I want for as long as I want, until things get tough and meet a new pretty young thing because that's how I do."

What did you think of the season premiere of Scandal? What did Jake and Fitz do in Iran that caused Cyrus to utter the dreaded, "OH. MY. GOD."

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