Scandal review, "Say Hello to My Little Friend"

Scandal review, "Say Hello to My Little Friend"

Oh, Scandal. So much slut shaming. So much concern trolling. So many actresses previously seen on Your Favorite Comedies.

Let's get to it.

Slut Shame the Dead Girl: It's everyone's favorite party game. This week's case of the week was a "ripped from the headlines," Anthony Wiener-esque story about a (Republican) senator from Washington, who loves to send pictures of his wang to ladies all across these great United States. In a Shocking Twist, Olivia took the randy senator, "Redwood Johnson," on as her client, despite David Rosen's insistence that "this dead girl's nice family could use an Olivia Pope on their team."

It was pretty obvious from the start that the senator's wife (played by Melora "Jan Levenson" Hardin) was the one who did the killing. It's always the wife, isn't it? And besides, didn't they already do this story on Scandal? Or wait, no. That was Homeland. But still. Let's move on from the penis-texting story lines. They've lost their potency.

Slut Shame the Teen Mom: Scandal was all about setting feminism back a few decades tonight. Not only did the "partner at a law firm" revenge-kill her husband's text-mistress in cold blood, but Cyrus and company decided that dredging up the deep past was their best course of action against upstart Democratic…something or other…congresswoman? Governor? What does it matter? She's from Montana and she's a big threat to that presidency Fitz seems to care so little about.

Josephine Marcus is a big old bee in Cyrus and Mellie's collective bonnet. She's got the ear of the people and she's saying all the right things like, "Senators shouldn't send pictures of their dicks to ladies" and "fried Twinkies are delicious." She's threatening to take Fitz out in the general direction, and they only way the Cyrus can see to bring her down is by leaking the story of how she had a baby one time when she was fifteen and now she no longer has that baby. And that's all they really know about this thing right now.

Stalk the Addict: Quinn should go to AA and talk about her whiskey addiction. Except her whiskey addiction isn't murder or whiskey, it's stalking Huck. She needs to get a life. Maybe she and Harrison can join forces and go find a singular life that they can share.

B-613/Remington: I think Jake summed it up quite nicely when he said to Olivia: "You're the daughter of a man who had your friend kill a guy who had something to do with your ex-boyfriend, the president."

Remington was a flight plan that has been extinguished from the records. The "extinguished" records state that the guy Huck killed was the one who flew the flight, but it was actually Fitz who done flied it. The flight meant so much to the guy who died (Foster) that he had the flight number tattooed to his body.

I still don't quite see how Remington is connected to B-613, other than by Rowan/Eli/Command Pope. I guess we'll find out more in the next episode when Fitz sits down for a chat with Olivia's daddy.

Other Stuff:

  • Harrison Watch: He had the privilege of calling everyone on the team when they landed the big fish client, Senator Redwood Johnson. Also, he appeared in a lot of scenes, even if he was simply window dressing for most of them. #FreeHarrison
  • David and Abby. Do not want. #DoliviaPosen4EVA!
  • I'm watching Felicity, Season 1 right now and Scott Foley looks way better chiseled with less baby fat. I just hope Jake's not hiding a secret girlfriend from Olivia.
  • It felt weird that the Republican politician in this episode was from Washington and the Democrat was from Montana. Scandal's all about subverting expectations.
  • It's like Mellie wanted to get caught with that mic on. She's better than that. Unless she had been dipping into the whiskey before heading to that charity thing. If she decides she needs help, I think Huck knows a place where she can get it.
  • Huck and Jake are definitely going to wind up killing Daddy Pope just after he and Oliva repair their relationship.
  • We need to see more of Cowboy Boot Aide.
  • America, who would you rather have as your next president -- the guy who killed Patrick Swayze or Phoebe Buffay?

What did you think? Do you have B-613/Remington all figured out? Can you explain it to me?

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