Scandal review: More Cattle, Less Bull

Scandal review: More Cattle, Less Bull

Tonight's Scandal episode, "More Cattle, Less Bull" felt like a setup hour to springboard us into November sweeps. Did things happen? Sure. But the big fallout will come next week when Olivia and friends deal with some new revelations and old wounds. Plus, Quinn's got a gun!

Let's check in with everybody to see what's what, shall we?

Olivia: She wore an amazing dress tonight. Let's just get that out of the way. It was black and white and stunning and her side parted hair with the french twist was something to behold. It's going to be very interesting to see how the costumers deal with outfitting Olivia Pope during Kerry Washington's real-life pregnancy.

Beyond the dress, Olivia was back doing what she does best -- running campaigns. Or, rather, fixing campaigns. If you'll recall, last week Cyrus dropped the bombshell that Lisa Kudrow's character, Josephine Marcus, delivered a baby at age 15 and "abandoned" it. The truth was that Josephine did actually have a baby, but her mother raised the girl as if she were her own daughter (and therefore Josephine's sister). Montana is Chinatown, apparently.

I'm still not getting the Scandal here. I mean, she was fifteen. She got knocked-up. The baby has grown into a mature adult woman who works as chief-of-staff for a powerful congresswoman. As far as Scandal's go, this one is llllooowww down on the totem pole. I don't know why everyone was all, "Olivia! You're amazing! We never would've thought to JUST TELL THE TRUTH about this thing that is not all that salacious. We would've just hid it and denied it until it became a bigger thing than it ought to have been." I feel like "teenage girl has baby, grows up to be respectable army vet and congresswoman" is a story most people can get behind, no problem.

But anyway. Olivia didn't just fix Josephine's non-problem problem. She also fixed Fitz's jokes for the Correspondents' Dinner. I don't know if you've noticed, but Fitz is not that skilled in the "humor" area. He's not that skilled in a lot of areas, but let's not dump on Fitz right now. Olivia has always helped Fitz with his jokes, because she's always helped Fitz with everything. Because he's horrible at all things. Sorry. I'll leave Fitz alone now. Mellie caught Fitz's end of his conversation with Liv and saw how relaxed and calm Fitz was while talking to her. So Mellie decided to take one for the team and ask Olivia to return to Fitz's campaign so they can help him get elected, without rigging the voting booths this time.

What else with Olivia…She's back to having dinners with Daddy, and she doesn't like it one bit. She threw her Fitz phone away, but left it at the bottom of the waste basket so she was able to answer his call about the jokes. That's not the most convincing way to prove you've washed that man right out of your hair. "See, Jake. I'm totally over Fitz. I put the secret phone he gave me all the way under these two sheets of paper that look like sonnets in Harrison's handwriting covered with tear stains."

Harrison: Speaking of Harrison…I have nothing to report.

Abby: She and David are still doing this thing that I don't care about. Only two interesting tidbits came out of their scenes together: 1) David likes to get freaky at least twice a day, and 2) apparently Abby's ex-husband was at the Correspondents' Dinner and that's why she didn't want to go.

Quinn: She's been benched, which really only means she gets to participate in all sanctioned Pope and Associates activities, except every once in a while people will scream, "Benched!"

Huck: Huck has been working overtime with Jake to figure out this whole Remington thing, thank goodness. They've been spying on Spy Daddy from inside his house, using Olivia's dinnertime with her father to break in. Huck has discovered THINGS. He has put all the pieces together: A plane crashed in Iceland a lot of years ago. Flares were spotted. The plane was shot down. Fitz was there. Olivia's mother was on the plane. I'm not quite sure how the logic all got us here, but yes. FITZ KILLED OLIVIA'S MOTHER. This whole thread made me think of Babe: "Christmas. Christmas dinner, yeah. Dinner means death. Death means carnage. CHRISTMAS MEANS CARNAGE." Same logical thought.

Other Stuff:

  • Don't worry. I didn't forget the basketball game. Fitz is a total flopper.
  • Sorry. I'm having trouble forming a coherent thought while remembering Scott Foley's shirtlessness.
  • I also love how Huck is a computer mastermind, but Jake doesn't even know how to print. B-613 agents, they're like snowflakes. Each one is unique.
  • What's Quinn going to do with that gun? I mean, really. She needs some help.
  • Who will Liv choose? Is she going to help the prez, or will she jump on board the S.S. Phoebe Buffay?
  • When are we going to find out that Liv's mother is actually still alive? November sweeps? February? I'll place a bet that we meet the mother in the season finale. Keep your ears to the ground for casting rumors.
  • Oh, yeah. The horn-rimmed glasses guy is Veep's husband. So you just know he's going to be trouble.

What did you think of this episode of Scandal? Did Fitz do it? And by "it" I mean either "bomb the Correspondents' Dinner" or "kill Olivia's mom."

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