20 Awesome Halloween Costume Ideas From This Year's TV Shows

Last week John did a great post about Halloween costume ideas taken from this year's crop of movies. This week I'm doing the same thing on the TV side.

When it comes to Halloween costumes, I'm looking for original and ahead of the curve, i.e. no dressing like Girls. That was so last year. (Unless you want to be Hannah walking around with a Q-Tip in her ear. I will allow that.) When it comes to dressing like a TV character, it's all about recognizing new breakout roles and shows or emphasizing big moments from old favorites. In the past, I suggested that you dress up as Ron Swanson; but this year I'm asking you to go as Ron Dunn. And while I wanted you to be regular New Girl back then, this year I want you to wear Jess's pajamas. (Excuse me for tooting my own horn here, but some of those 2011 costume ideas are still pretty good. Sarah Linden never goes out of style...or does she?)

My list is by no means complete. What are your great TV costume ideas for Halloween?

For more Halloween costume goodness check out:

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