'90s Trends I'm Happy to Have Back

To put you in the mood...

I've spent the last year writing about the '90s. Last year Emma Fraser and I covered My So-Called Life for This Was Television, and we recently dove into the world of Felicity.

I am a '90s gal. I was in high school at the same time as Angela Chase, and I was in college at the same time as Felicity. I look at those shows and I see my past -- my music and my clothes.

Now, I am not one of those people who dreads '90s trends and fashion coming back. I welcome much of it with open arms. Mostly because I'm lazy and I understand the fashion of the '90s. I lived it. I still have some of it rotting away in my closet (I'm looking at you crushed velvet babydoll dress that I WILL have occasion to wear again someday, probably for Halloween).

So here are some of the things I look forward to wearing again.

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