30 Awesome Halloween Costume Ideas From This Year's Movies

Halloween is rapidly approaching.  Do you have your costume yet?  Finding the perfect costume for that kick-ass party you're attending can be really stressful.  Costume websites and stores like Spirit of Halloween are fine and all if you're in a pinch, but those costumes don't show much in the way of creativity and you run the risk of having another person show up wearing the same thing.

If you're anything like me, you look to movies for inspiration.  Some of the best costumes I've ever worn or seen at parties have been from movies.  In 2002, long before it became a "thing" to do so, we went as the Royal Tenenbaum kids.   Another year, my friend spent all afternoon making a Han Solo-in-carbonite costume out of cardboard paper.  It was amazing.  This year's movies offer a ton of costume ideas, all of them timely and semi-unique.  Some more awesome than others.  One of them will surely make you the life of the party.  Click through the gallery below to get inspired.

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