Tuesday, Tuesday. Internet Cruise Day.

It's the day after Labor Day, and I'm still on weekend time.

So, let's talk about favorite websites.

Here are Hammervision's daily hits:

Crazy Days and Nights: I realize probably 75% of this website is bullhonky, but it's fun to read the blind items and imagine them as truth. Because real life is dull.

Lainey Gossip: On the other end of the spectrum, this gossip site is smart, insightful, and Kardashian free!

The Dissolve: A movie site that reads like a doctoral thesis, in a good way.

TV Club: Same kind of deal, but for TV.

This Was Television: A look at TV from a historical perspective. (Also, I write for this site, as well. I'm about to finish up reviewing Freaks and Geeks with Emma Fraser. After that, we're going to college (i.e. moving on to Felicity).

TV Ate My Wardrobe: Speaking of Emma Fraser, she started this site in which she talks about TV from a fashion perspective. I'm hoping that this season she'll be able to find me all of Busy Philipps's lipsticks on Cougar Town.

FirstShowing.net: Where you can go to find all kinds of movie news and trailers.

AintItCoolNews: Breaking news! Early movie reviews! Lots of exclamation points!!!

SlashFilm.com: Some of the best Breaking Bad coverage, among other things.

Grantland: Great writing, covering entertainment and beyond.

HitFix: Breaking entertainment news on a very busy website. (This is one of John's favorites. It gives me the shakes just looking at it.)

I'm always on the lookout for great new reads. Where are you going every day for your entertainment (or non-entertainment, let's go crazy) fixes?

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