Fall TV Pilot Review: Mom

Fall TV Pilot Review: Mom

Airs: Mondays, 9:30/8:30 Central on CBS

Premise: A recovering alcoholic/single mom/waitress (Anna Faris) is forced to reconnect with her recovering alcoholic/horndog/mom (Allison Janney). Hijinks ensue.

The Good: Well, it's not Dads, so it's got that going for it. Plus, Allison Janney is always a welcome presence on my TV screen. This pilot didn't have me rolling on the floor with laughter, but I wasn't mad at it either. There's some room to grow and a deep bench of supporting players (including Nathan Corddry and French Stewart). This show will pair nicely with 2 Broke Girls, during CBS's girl power hour.

Badger from Breaking Bad! Badger from Breaking Bad!

The Bad: Anna Faris is just not a sitcom actress...yet. She wasn't bad, but she wasn't great either. The show itself is very formulaic and crass and takes place in a restaurant (hey, so a lot like 2 Broke Girls). For some reason, they felt like they needed to remind us that this show came from the man who foisted Two and a Half Men upon us by giving Jon Cryer a cameo.

But Chuck Lorre also created The Big Bang Theory, which did not get off to a good creative start right away either, which makes me think that this show deserves more than a one-time viewing.

Stick Around Next Week?: I just said I would, sheesh.

Grade: C+

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