Fall TV Pilot Review: Dads

Fall TV Pilot Review: Dads

There are shows that pop up every once in a while that seem like such a bad idea on paper you wonder (knowing what it takes to get a show on the air) how the pilot ever got produced, let alone made it to television. Then there's Dads, which not only made it onto the fall schedule, but also managed to get Seth MacFarlane as an executive producer and scored the acting talents of Seth Green, Giovanni Ribisi, Brenda Song, and Martin Mull.

It makes me wonder what horrible things each of these people have done in their lives that they would have to sign on to this show. Because Dads is not a show you sign on to willingly. Dads is a show you sign on to because you're being blackmailed.

Here's the deal:

Airs: Tuesdays, 8/7c on FOX...for now

Premise: Giovanni Ribisi and Seth Green have dads, and boy are their dads awful!

You want more premise, really?: OK, both are out of money and need to move in with their successful, video-game-company-owning sons. Giovanni Ribisi is a buttoned-up family man (married to Vanessa "Minnillo" Lachey). He looks and dresses like Pete Campbell's less hip suburban neighbor. Seth Green is an immature playboy...with a beard.

The Good: Um...ur...hmmm...

The Bad: The show is so predictable and offensive that it plays like a parody of a predictable and offensive sitcom. But it's not a parody, so it's just bad. And lazy. Unless you're a fan of ethnic stereotypes, in which case, SEASON PASS THIS NOW.

Also, Vanessa "Minnillo" Lachey should act no more forever. When you're the weakest acting link in a show this poorly constructed, it might be time to reconsider your career choices.

Stick Around Next Week: Oh hell no.

Grade: D for Dads. Actually, let's be fair. D-

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