Fall TV Pilot Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Fall TV Pilot Review: Brooklyn Nine-Nine


Airs: Tuesdays at 8:30/7:30c on FOX

Premise: Workplace comedy about a ragtag crew of police officers cutting up and catching crooks.

Behind the Scenes: Creators Dan Goor & Mike Schur come from Parks & Recreation.  The pilot was directed by Phil Lord & Chris Miller (21 Jump Street).

The Good: The cast is strong and the talent runs fairly deep.  Andre Braugher makes for a very amusing straight man, even though his character is gay.   Joe Lo Truglio and Chelsea Peretti are early standouts among the supporting players.  Lo Truglio has a particularly funny moment (the funniest in the pilot) where he asks a co-worker out to a movie and is told to choose a "better" movie than Citizen Kane.  It's refreshing to set a comedy in a police station; most police-centric shows are all dramas.  Given some time, with more focus on the characters' personal tics and less on the crime-of-the-week story elements, this could grow into something special.

The Bad: Andy Samberg is a likeable jackass, but his constantly grinning performance is too one-note and comes across as just hamming for the camera.  Not unlike his work on Saturday Night Live, I guess.  I think I'm going to have some difficulties with the jokey tone in the action scenes.  There's a lack of believability and no legitimate stakes to those scenes.  The show will need to either fully embrace the lunacy, or shift gears and get more serious when the situation calls for it.

Stick Around for Next Week?: Yes.  Given its cast, Brooklyn Nine-Nine shows real promise.

Grade: B


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