Fall TV Pilot Review: Back in the Game

Fall TV Pilot Review: Back in the Game

Airs: Wednesdays, 8:30/7:30 Central on ABC

Premise: Terry, a recently divorced mother (Maggie Lawson) returns home to live with The Cannon, her ex-AAA coach father (James Caan). Terry's son is cut from the town baseball league, and she opts to coach a team of the league castoffs herself.

The Good: Maybe I'm a sucker for misfit sports stories (I do love me some Mighty Ducks), but I'm totally on board with the mom-brings-the-thunder-to-little-league story. Even better is that she's not just a mom coaching her kid's baseball team, she's a mom with mad skills coaching her son's baseball team. The two lead actors are great, and the cast's bench is pretty deep (especially Lenora Crichlow, whom I don't remember seeing in anything ever before). The kids on the team are already starting to develop individual personalities, which is rare for a pilot. Is it too soon to start shipping Terry and Dick (played by Ben Koldyke, AKA Don from How I Met Your Mother)? I can't yet tell if it's a will-they-or-won't-they relationship or an (to quote last week's It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia) "I know they won't and I don't want them to" relationship, but I do know that I'm intrigued.

The Bad: Is it me or does James Caan look like a completely different person? That's not necessarily bad, just surprising. Some of the jokes border on overly crass for no reason. I'm already annoyed with the kid's love interest, who is, of course, a baseball groupie and not an athlete in her own right.

Stick Around for Next Week?: Put me in, coach.

Grade: B+
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