11 Bad Movie Spin-offs That Will Make You Dread 'Disney's Planes'

The marketing materials for Disney's Planes (out this Friday, Aug. 9) tout the movie as coming "From Above the World of Cars."  Noticeably absent from any of the posters, trailers, or TV ads is one simple word: Pixar.  Why?  The movie wasn't made by Pixar, and, in fact, was originally geared towards a direct-to-DVD release before some studio heads at Disney thought they could make more money in theaters.  And, if the absence of Pixar isn't enough cause for concern, parents should be equally wary of the fact that this is a spin-off of Cars, Pixar's worst movie.

Ah, yes.  The movie spin-off.  It's a rare breed.  Audiences are more accustomed to the television spin-off.  In fact, several of them have done quite well: e.g.Family Matters (a spin-off of Perfect Strangers), A Different World (a spin-off of The Cosby Show), CSI: Miami (duh), and Frasier (a spin-off of Cheers).  Others don't fare as well.  Joey, anyone?  Heck, even Breaking Bad and Dexter have spin-off series in the works.  Yet, movie spin-offs are by and large terrible.  I think I can count on one hand the number of them that actually work.  I'm not saying these movies are good, mind you, but they at least have some merit: Get Him to the Greek, Machete, This Is 40, and Puss-in-Boots.  Everything else?  Well, we shall see how Disney's Planes fares, but judging from the craptastic movie spin-offs below, the outlook is decidedly not good.

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