6 TV Actors Whose Deaths Were Written Into Their Shows

Glee actor Cory Monteith was found dead in his hotel room this weekend at age 31. While his character played a lesser role on the show in recent seasons (because sometimes people graduate from high school and stop participating in glee club; Glee is all about reality), he had remained a series regular on the FOX comedy.

We don't yet know how the Glee writers will address Monteith's death on the show, but history says they will address it. The six actors featured in this gallery all died suddenly, and their deaths were written into their respective shows. Some of them died of heart attacks or other heart ailments, and their characters suffered similar fates. One died in a freak accident, and so did his character. And one actor died in such a tragic way that, I can only assume, the writers chose to give his character a much more peaceful death.

I know there are other actors (and actresses) whose deaths have been written into their TV shows. Which ones do you remember?

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