20 Fabulous Family Road Trip Songs

A few months ago, I wrote about wanting to find some good rock and roll songs for my kids (so they'd let me turn off "We Built This City" once in a while). After writing that post, I made a few CDs (I'm old) of songs for the car that I thought the kids would dig. We listened to them all. Some songs hit. Some missed. Some, upon my first listen with the kids in the car, I deemed inappropriate, either in language or theme or mood (it's summer; we want FUN songs). These, my friends, are the winners.

These are the ones the kids ask for by name, the ones they sing randomly throughout the day, the ones that get us all bopping in our seats like morons. Man, sometimes I wish we didn't have the tinted back windows so that the other drivers around me could see that it's not just me in the car dancing like a fool to Junior Senior. But alas.

This list is by no means complete. What are your favorite songs to listen to in the car with the kids? Or, if not with the kids, what are the songs that keep you moving in the summertime, despite the heat and disgusting mosquitos? Help us all get over this hump that is Wednesday, and drop us some knowledge in the comments.


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