Justin Bieber Sucks, But Not Because of the Blackhawks Thing

Justin Bieber Sucks, But Not Because of the Blackhawks Thing
This guy just knows how to pick a winner. You can't fault him for that.

Be mad at Justin Bieber. Harp on him. Call him a twerp. Burn all your albums and your Belieber bumper stickers. But do those things for the right reasons. Do it because he was a douche who urinated in a cleaning bucket that someone else would have to clean out. Do it because of those pants. Don't do it because he made an honest, stupid mistake.

Maybe I'm a little defensive because (although I'm a native Chicagoan) I would've made the same mistake myself if it had been me performing at the United Center that night (a girl can dream). I had no idea not walking on the Blackhawks logo was a thing. I mean, the Blackhawks logo can be found on dog bowls and grilling spatulas. Who knew it was so sacred? The Biebs is not from here, so I don't think he can be faulted for this little faux pas. I guess that since he's Canadian, maybe he should know everything there is to know about hockey, but apparently he doesn't.

Or maybe he did know what he was doing and did this to show his distaste for the Blackhawks; in which case, hate away, Hawks fans.

But who can know what goes on in Justin Bieber's head? That's a post for another day.

I'm going to posit a little theory here. This whole righteous indignation over Bieber disrespecting a carpet has less to do with the act itself and more with the indignant party's need to let us all know that he knows the correct protocol for walking through the Blackhawk's locker room. It's the same kind of thing where people get all up in arms when someone puts ketchup on a hot dog. Who cares if someone puts ketchup on a hot dog? You don't really care if someone puts ketchup on a hot dog. You just care about making it known that you know no one's supposed to put ketchup on a hot dog.

Anyway, this pettiness is not a good look on you, Hawks fans. Act like you've been here before. Because you have.


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