Famous People I've Seen or Met in Real Life (and One of Them is Not Guy Fieri)

Famous People I've Seen or Met in Real Life (and One of Them is Not Guy Fieri)

In no particular order.

  • Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen (at O'Hare)
  • Walter Peyton (at a high school basketball game)
  • Tyne Daly (on Michigan Avenue)
  • Pat Tomasulo (at the Navy Pier IMAX)
  • Robin Baumgarten (at Jewel)
  • Dean Richards (at a benefit)


  • (I saw all of those WGN Morning News folks separately and randomly. I'm coming for you, Konrad and Potash.)
  • Bill Bryson (at a wedding)
  • Liz Phair (at Lincoln Park Zoo)
  • Nick Digilio (at WGN Radio)
  • Bill Cartwright (at school)
  • Dick Jauron (same)
  • Ted Kennedy (at a graduation)
  • Jeremy Irons (in a New York alley)
  • Jennifer Garner (on a New York street)

And my favorite sighting ever...John Glover.

Who's John Glover, you ask? Well, (among other things) he's Lionel Luthor from TV's Smallville. Sometimes it's not the caliber of the star, but the quality of the time spent that matters.

We met him after a wedding in Baltimore. A bunch of us wedding guests had gone down to the hotel bar for more drinks (because that's what we needed). All of a sudden, one of the guys (Josh, who was 3+ sheets to the wind) started pointing at the door, shouting, "I know you. I know you."

I turned to the door and had no idea who he was talking about. Was this guy an uncle from the wedding? But then my husband whispered, "Oh, my God. That's John Glover."

I was all, "Who?" I hadn't seen Smallville at that point.

"Lionel Luther."

Well, Lionel Luther, who looked as if he had been having a good time that night as well (I mean, he was wearing two disco ball necklaces), came over to our group and said hi. He talked to us for a bit and calmed Josh down, who was way too excited.

Then he gave another guy in our group (Bill), one of his disco balls. And he signed the carton of milk we had pilfered from the wedding in order to keep making White Russians all night long. He wrote, "To Billy, who has my other ball. Take care of Josh."


Which celebs have you met or seen in the wild?

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