65th Primetime Emmy Awards Predictions and Fantasies

The Emmy Awards nominations will be announced tomorrow morning. Normally I don't get all worked up about them because the same shows and people are usually nominated every year. The Emmy voters are very predictable. They love to pick a horse (Modern Family, Frasier, Everybody Loves Raymond) and beat it to death. The Emmy voters love to nominate old favorites (Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Edie Falco), just because. They've never met a big time movie actor (Don Cheadle, Kathy Bates, Glenn Close*) that they didn't want to hand nominations and awards to, just because. Every year they ignore most new or off-beat shows or actors, while glomming onto a few (to appear hip and with it) and then holding tight to them for the next several years (Girls, Jim Parsons, Neil Patrick Harris, Sex and the City), making those shows and actors somehow no longer feel new and off-beat.

And then there's the Jon Cryer conundrum, which I simply cannot explain.

This year I'm making predictions because I had the opportunity to go on WGN Radio this weekend to talk about the Emmy Awards nominations. I over-prepared, as per usual, and didn't get to say half of what I wanted to say. (Also, my segment aired at 11:45 PM on a Sunday, which is well past my -- and I'm sure most of your -- bedtimes.)

So who are you rooting for, come Emmy time? I didn't even get into some of the other categories (TV movies, reality shows, reality hosts, directors, writers, musical/comedy/variety shows). Which of your favorite shows would you love to see nominated? Are you actively rooting against anything (like I am)? Am I totally wrong about Modern Family?

*Which is why we should not count out Jeff Daniels and Emily Mortimer for the much-maligned The Newsroom, or Shirley MacLaine for her brief turn on Downton Abbey.

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