7 Reasons Why Game of Thrones is Not for Women

7 Reasons Why Game of Thrones is Not for Women
Would you be having this guy? No, you would not. Every male person on this show is DISGUSTING.

A little bit has been made recently about how Game of Thrones is not for women. Some awesome journalist  wrote about this for Thrillist.  Andrew Daar responded. I'm going to shock you all when I say (as a woman) that I agree 103% with the Thrillist piece. Game of Thrones is simply NOT for ladies.

Here's why:

  1. There are hardly any women in the books/show. I mean, I'm at the end of the fourth book, A Feast for Crows, whose seven million pages I'm reading for RESEARCH not because I like it or anything God. Of the last six chapters I've read, only five have been from the female point of view. What. The. Hell?
  2. Women do hate gross things. Even though Ygritte told that old know-nothing Jon Snow that women generally do see a lot more blood than men on a regular basis, blood is yicky and that's pretty much all this show is about -- gore. Sixty minutes of gore. Grody to the max.
  3. Women don't want no part of that fantasy crap. That's why no girls watch The Vampire Diaries or True Blood or Once Upon a Time or The Walking Dead. That's why no one read the Twilight or Harry Potter or the Inheritance novels. That's why every other novel query letter I come across is for a fantasy series written by a woman.
  4. Scientifically speaking, the tiny lady brain can't differentiate between who's a Tyrell and who's a Tyrion or a Tywin. It's just too complex. We can identify on sight which designer a model was wearing at the Met Gala, but asking us to keep track of complex familial relationships, unless that family is Kardashian or Real Housewives adjacent, is simply too much.
  5. Women do hate naked chicks. That is a fact. It has kept us away from Sex and the City and True Blood and Girls for years.
  6. Along that line, naked boy ass makes us blush and run for our smelling salts. Watching each episode takes twice as long on account of all the swooning. Who has that kind of extra time?
  7. We don't like things we don't watch. The Thrillist article makes that profound statement, and it's totally true! I am a woman. I don't watch Scandal. Ergo, Scandal is crap and no women like it. Conversely, I am a woman. I have been watching 2 Broke Girls since the beginning. Ergo, 2 Broke Girls is genius and all women love it. That is science. Don't even try to argue.

What do you think? Is Game of Thrones for women? Are you a woman who watches Game of Thrones or has read the novels? Stand up and be ridiculed!

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