Cooking With Goop: Bummer Bars

Cooking With Goop: Bummer Bars

I'm still cooking with Gwyneth Paltrow...sometimes. I promise. Today I made her "Bummer Bars" from the dessert section of her It's All Good cookbook.

These puppies are made with quinoa flakes (sort of a stinkier substitute for old fashioned oats), flaxseeds, olive oil, maple syrup, brown rice syrup, dried fruit, nuts, and some spices.

Gwyneth suggests either baking these into one big bar in a brownie pan or cooking them individually in a muffin tin lined with paper liners. I went the muffin route. They ended up looking cute, but hot damn is it hard to get the paper off the bottom these suckers. I suppose it's kind of a good thing. The struggle with the paper means that it takes a really long time to eat these little bars, which is probably good because they come with a hefty Weight Watchers Points Plus Values price tag (namely, 5).

My daughter was a big fan, though, and I would make these again because A) they were easy and B) if she's going to want to snack on a bar of some kind (and she often does) at least I know these are relatively healthy and sans a bunch of scary ingredients.

Also, I actually had to go to Whole Foods for the brown rice syrup. I know I said I wouldn't go to Whole Foods, but I kind of love brown rice syrup and they don't carry it at Mariano's (though I did talk to the store manager there and she said she'd work on it). While I was at Whole Foods, I did stock up on some bulk steel cut oats, so there's that.

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