Walking Dead Finale Recap - "Welcome to the Tombs"

Walking Dead Finale Recap - "Welcome to the Tombs"

Last night's The Walking Dead finale was not one of the most explosive finales of all time. There was no big bombshell at the end, no cliffhanger, no lives left hanging in the balance. But there were some interesting developments, a good bit of set-up for next season. We'll see what the new showrunner does with them in Season 4.

27 Dresses...er...Deaths: We were promised a "buttload (I think that's the technical term)" of deaths this episode, and a buttload was what we got. However, only one of those deaths really meant a loss for us viewers, character-wise. No, not Andrea, sillies. I'm talking about Milton. His character still had a story left to tell. He was the only one doing scientific research on the zombies. If he had still been alive when Daryl rode into Woodbury on his trusty motorcycle, Milton and Hershel could've formed the brain trust of the Prison-ites. Alas, it was not be, and now Hershel will have to find himself a new bestie among the nameless and faceless Woodbury fugitives.

Most of the other deaths came at the expense of the Woodbury soldiers when the Governor went all shooty-bangy on his crew. The only survivors were Martinez, New New T-Dog, and Karen, known previously as "some woman." Karen escaped to warn Rick and the Woodburians about the Governor's homicidal rage, and now she's probably going to be a love interest for Daryl or Rick or, maybe, Carol. Possibly Carl.

The last death, and the most disturbing, was a cautionary tale about what happens when a child is raised without a mother during the Zombpocalypse (more evidence as to why Rick and Michonne should get married so Michonne can sit in the prison like a good woman should and raise Carl #Richonne4Eva). Carl shot a Woodbury defector, a kid, who was about to surrender. At the end of the episode, Carl told Rick why he did it. He did it because you need to shoot everybody when you have the chance, because if you don't it will come back to haunt you. So, new Woodbury fugitives, line up for the firing squad. You seem nice enough now, but who knows what the future will bring. Also, Hershel, get in there too. Carl doesn't like the cut of your jib.

Status Check: The episode ended with a bunch of new people moving into the prison and with the Governor's ranks cut down to three. What new and exciting characters will stir things up at the prison and fill the role of "cannon fodder" next season? How will the Governor rebuild his army and empire? When will Carl become the Anakin to the Governor's Darth Sidious? Only time will tell, my friends, only time will tell.

Bites and Bits:

  • Why didn't our Zeroes take over Woodbury instead of brining everyone back to the prison? I mean, I know they've kind of got their groove going there, but IT'S A PRISON. And Woodbury is pretty secure. If the Governor came back, they could totally take him. He's just one man, plus Martinez and New New T-Dog. This is going to end up biting them in the collective ass.
  • Has New New T-Dog ever said a single line? Is there some Walking Dead law that states only one male, African-American character at a time can have a voice? If Tyrese dies, does New New T-Dog get to talk?
  • How does Hershel have a highlighter at his disposal? Does he carry it around in his TrapperKeeper?
  • Why doesn't Rick ever let Daryl ride in the car with them? Or is that how Daryl styles his coif?
  • I'm sure Daryl came back and told everyone about how he killed Zombie Merle, and I'm sure Michonne told them about her travels with regular Merle, but how did Carl know the details surrounding Merle's death at the hand of the Governor. Wait. Does Carl have secret powers? THEORY FORMING.
  • RIP Andrea? I guess?

What did you think? What are you looking forward to/dreading for next season? Will we ever officially find out Michonne's backstory? Maybe we'll get it in the form of pillow talk after she and Rick consummate their love. #Richonne, it's happening.
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