Summer Movie Forecast 2013: 10 Smaller Flicks You Won't Want to Miss

The summer movie season is all about superheroes, sequels, and Smurfs.  For more serious-minded moviegoers, it can be a long slog.  And, while I love the anticipation and excitement that the bigger movies bring, I also look forward to some of the smaller ones.  For every Avengers, there's a Moonrise Kingdom.  Or a Once.  Or a Safety Not Guaranteed.  This year is no different, and many of the more intriguing films do not carry hefty price tags.  Or come with a massive marketing blitz, and a Happy Meal tie-in.  These movies are harder to find, and may not even be playing at a theater near you.  Chicago may not even get them for several weeks after the initial, limited release.  But, all of these may prove worth the wait.  Here are 10 of this summer's more promising independent flicks.

* All release dates listed are subject to change, and don't necessarily reflect when the movie will be released in Chicago...


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