My Month of Goop: Julie and Gwyneth Day 8

Hi, I'm back.

I took a little bit of a break from Goop cooking over the weekend because, come on, it's the weekend. I don't cook on Saturdays and Sundays.

This week, I'm following Gwyneth Paltrow's "Family Friendly" meal plan in the back of her book, It's All Good.

Here are a few things I learned yesterday:

  • Xanthum gum is expensive! The first recipe I planned to make this week was for gluten-free sweet potato muffins. I went to Mariano's prepared to buy all the ingredients, until I saw that xanthum gum costs a whopping $11 a box. I was not ready to make that kind of commitment to an ingredient I'd potentially never use again (kind of like me and the miso paste last week). As luck would have it, my g-free friend Wally was packing for a big move the same day I was planning on making the muffins, and he gifted me his entire pantry of g-free flour and whatnot and xanthum gum! The universe (and Wally) had my back on Sunday. I can't help that think somewhere, somehow, Gwyneth had something to do with it. She is magical, you know.
  • I tried Vegenaise for the first time. I am not a mayonnaise person, and Vegenaise is basically mayonnaise without the eggs. I really cannot tell the difference, which is probably a check in the plus column for Vegenaise. I ate it mixed into tuna salad, which is really the only way I'll consume mayo of any kind.

Do you think you'd try any of these recipes (or Vegenaise)? What are your tips for gluten-free baking? Do you have any favorite recipes?

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