My Month of Goop: Julie and Gwyneth Day 2

This day didn't go quite as planned, Goop-wise. As I mentioned, I planned on following the "Detox Week" menu plan in Gwyneth Paltrow's It's All Good cookbook, but I found myself "not liking" some of the recipes from the first day. So mixed it up a bit. What? It's my blog.

Plus, I followed a lot of the tenets of Gwyneth's book, even if I didn't follow the recipes. In the introduction, she talks about using your pantry, and that's what I did, y'all! (This just turned into a Paula Deen post, didn't it?)

Lessons learned:

  1. So maybe some of the recipes I've made haven't been the most delicious ever. Maybe I got mad at the juice for being messy, even though it wasn't technically the juice's fault. But I am trying new things and I've found that I like some of the components of the recipes even when I might not like the recipes themselves as a whole. As Gwyneth says, "It's all good." Amirite?
  2. While I love that Gwyneth gives us week-long menus in the back of the book, I wish she had also taken the extra step and laid out a plan for implementing these meals. I got to lunch today and realized I was supposed to cook beets and a butternut squash for my salad. I wouldn't have these problems if I had a plan or a live-in cook, society. (Yes, I know I could've made my own plan, but I was too busy watching Mad Men.)
  3. I also learned, thanks to my eagle-eyed sister-in-law, that Mariano's actually sells freshly squeezed beet juice. I think I had this information in my brain at some point, but forgot it when I needed it most. If you have any healthy eating shopping tips, I'd love to hear them. And then immediately forget them.

By the way, here are the new things I've tried that I've actually liked:

  • Millet. I made this as a dinnertime grain on Monday night, but I saved some for myself for breakfast. It tastes a little like Cream of Wheat, but in a good way.
  • Coconut Water. I'll eat most foods, but I don't like coconut, so that's probably why I've never tried coconut water. It's pretty good, and it's a great substitute for super sugary sports drinks (which I sometimes drink to pump up my electrolytes after running all my runs that I don't run).
  • Fish Sauce. Yes, it's fermented fish juice. But it brings a nice flavor to things. I'm on board.
  • Daikon radishes? I wish I could tell you that I also tried daikon and loved it, but what I bought at the grocery store was not daikon. It was just a big, long tuber that I assumed was a daikon. I braised it as if it were daikon and it turned out starchy and not-so good. So the jury's still out on this one.

Do you have any good healthy shopping tips? Have you tried a new food lately that you've liked?

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