My Month of Goop: Julie and Gwyneth Day 1

I learned a lot of things during my first day following the "Detox Week" meal plan in Gwyneth Paltrow's It's All Good book. 

  1. Just because something is made entirely from fruits and vegetables doesn't mean it's going to be low in Weight Watchers Points Plus Values. I mean, I knew this already, but it was good to get the refresher. My glass of veggie juice cost me as much in PPV as a full bowl of Irish oatmeal, and was not nearly as filling.
  2. Some foods are just not worth the trouble it takes to make them. If I had a live-in maid willing to follow me around with a rag every time I made beet juice, then maybe. Or even better, if I had a full-time cook to make me said beet juice and clean it up her damn self. But when the task of washing dishes and counters falls to me, the resulting concoction better taste DELICIOUS.
  3. I mentioned this on Facebook earlier, so sorry to repeat myself, but if I continued to eat these dishes for the rest of my life I would definitely be as thin as Gwyneth because of all the work it takes to prepare this stuff and because none of it tasted good enough for me to feel compelled to eat all of it.
  4. In fact, I had had such a bad food day, that by the time dinner came around I eschewed Goop's asparagus and Spanish BBQ chicken suggestion in favor of my trusty America's Test Kitchen's green book spa chicken and roasted cauliflower. (You've Pinterested the rest, now buy the best.)
  5. But I did also make millet for dinner, a new grain I had never tried. I liked it, and I had it for breakfast today. More about that tomorrow.

Click on to see the foods I made yesterday (Bonus: Horrible countertops!)

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