Game of Thrones, And Now His Watch Has Ended

Game of Thrones, And Now His Watch Has Ended

The title of this Game of Thrones episode, "And Now His Watch Has Ended," refers to a prayer said over one of the Crows when he dies of a broken foot. But the title could also be seen as a passing of the torch from the  men to the women, because, in this episode, sisters are doing it for themselves (within the parameters of the laws set forth by the patriarchy of Westeros).

Let's check in with the ladies, shall we?

Brienne: She and Jaime Onehand are riding with the Boltons over to Harrenhal. Jaime is nigh about to die. He's tired and hungry and thirsty and he's probably lost a lot of hand blood. He's about to give up, but Brienne yells at him to get it together, which ends in Jaime jumping off the horse and being forced to drink equine urine, but those are just details. Brienne told Jaime what to do, and he did it! Dance, monkey!

Gilly: Gilly doesn't want Sam's friendship or sympathy or thimble. She wants him to save her baby, damn it!

Catelyn: We all know that Catelyn Stark is a good idea machine and a meddling mother, but did you know she can also infiltrate her sons' dreams and chastise them into doing what she wants? Well, she can. Bran Nolegs was having a great time in his dream, chasing crows and climbing trees. But then his mother shows up and yells at him for climbing. "No climbing, Brandon! I told you!" Even Jojen Reed was all, "Even I am not powerful enough a warg fight your moms, man."

Cersei: Cersei has a lovely conversation with Olenna "Should've been played by Maggie Smith" Tyrell while walking through the castle. They discuss their sons and what idiots they are and how the mothers have to spend all their time and energy worrying about their kids and keeping them from making dumb mistakes. And then Cersei says, "And yet the world belongs to them." Instead of brushing it off as the way things are supposed to be, Cersei goes to her father, Tywin, and badmouths her brothers and tells her father that she's the one who deserves his trust and confidence. Tywin responds by telling Cersei that she's not as smart as she thinks she is, which, honestly, is probably accurate. She's kind of the Andrea of Game of Thrones.

Varys: Varys is not a woman, but the lack of respect he receives for what he does is downright womanly. After discussing Podrick Payne's prowess and Littlefinger's plans with his whore accountant, Varys knows that Littlefinger is plotting something. Why else would he need TWO beds on his travels to Lyssa Arryn's house? He's fixing to take Sansa out of King's Landing! And then he's going to kill Robb Stark and marry Sansa and become the Lord of Winterfell which no one seems to know is a pile of rubble right now!

Olenna: Olenna has made no secret of her contempt for her son, and we know she doesn't care for Joffrey Baratheon, so she is taking it upon herself to mess with everyone's plans (including Littelfinger's) and marry Sansa off to Loras, which is wrong on so many levels. First of all, Renly. Second of all (and correct me if I'm wrong here), isn't Loras a member of the King's Guard (or has that not happened yet)? And didn't they (and by "they" I mean Tyrion and Cersei) just tell us last week that Jaime can never be Lord of Casterly Rock because he's a member of the King's Guard? So how can Loras be Lord of Highgarden if he's a member of the King's Guard? (Also, in the book, there was a second Tyrell brother, whom everyone wants to hook up with Sansa. I can see why the show's powers-that-be wouldn't want to introduce this very minor character, but at least keep your rules straight.)

Margaery: Marge is playing this queen thing to the hilt. She tells Sansa a story about how jealous she's always been of her more beautiful cousin. I wonder if this doesn't give us some insight into Marge's character, why she's so keen to be queen (via Renly and now Joffrey). Marge gets Joffrey to step outside and wave to his subjects, whom Cersei fears. But the people, they love Marge. They cheer for her, and they cheer for Joffrey just because he's by her side. She's gotten inside Joffrey's head, and Cersei doesn't like that one bit.

Daenerys: Dany is still in Astopor trying to buy some slaves. When she goes to hand over her biggest, baddest dragon, she reveals to the slave trader that she can speak Valyrian because she's Daenerys Stormborn, damn it! She commands her new slave troops to kill all their old masters and she tells her dragon to turn the slave trader into a piece of charcoal. Then she frees the slaves and asks them to fight for her. They all agree. Because what else are they going to do? What else are they trained to do? Bus tables at the fanciest restaurants in Qaarth?

Other Stuff:

  • Theon was there too. He thought Cute Nameless Guy was bringing him to his sister, Yara, but really CNG was taking Theon back to his captors. CNG is now in the good graces of the head honchos. Not sure what is going on here, who these people are, and I why I should care about them. And now I totally get how my husband feels when he watches this show all the time.
  • We got a lovely little monologue from Varys about how he lost his junk that ended with him revealing that he keeps the guy who castrated him inside his coffee table. As you do.
  • It really took the Crows a long time to figure out that they are a bunch of people with swords and Craster is only one man. Related: RIP Craster, Lord Mormont, and all the old Crows.
  • Great line from Olenna when she accuses Varys of hitting on her: "What happens when the non-existent bumps up against the decrepit?" I don't know, but I bet Podrick Payne has the answer.
  • Speaking of, I think "Growing Strong" is also the house motto of his penis.
  • Arya was also in this episode; forgot about that. But her scene was more about the Hound preparing for a trial by combat against Beric Dondarrion of the Brotherhood Without Banners.

What did you think of this episode?


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