15 Movie Sequels That Make You (Almost) Hate The Original

When a movie comes out that is universally beloved, everyone always wants a sequel.  It's a natural human tendency.  We like something, we want more of it.  But sequels are a tricky beast.  Sure, it's easy to knock them.  Cries of "the original was better!" are frequently heard.  The best sequels are those that take the themes and characters of the first film, and expand upon them in new and interesting ways.  Though I'll likely save that for a separate post someday soon, the legitimately great, if not better, sequels are an elite group (think Godfather II, T2).  More often than not, sequels fall into the trap of trying (unsuccesfully) to duplicate the elements that made the first film connect so well, resulting in the law of diminishing returns.

On that score, I'll usually settle for a sequel that is good, but not as good as the original.  That's expected.  But what about those sequels that go too far?  You know, the ones that are so bad and that do such a dishonor to the original that inspired them that it (almost) makes you despise the original for existing in the first place.  I'm not talking about sequels like G.I. Joe: Retaliation, which never really had a chance because Rise of the Cobra was, at best, just okay.  And these aren't necessarily the worst sequels (Teen Wolf Too, anyone?), though some certainly qualify for that distinction.  No, I'm talking about sequels like the ones listed below.  Sequels to fantastic (or at least really solid) first films, that now cast the whole series in an ugly light and make you question why you even liked the original.  Get ready - this ain't gonna be pretty.


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