Veronica Mars, and 10 Other Dormant Projects I'd Love to Kickstart

The entertainment world was rocked today by one hell of a bombshell.  The beloved CW show, Veronica Mars, which prematurely ended its run after only 3 seasons, was brought back to life in a big way thanks to  Creator Rob Thomas teamed with star Kristen Bell to start a campaign to fund a feature film based on the show by raising $2 million within 30 days. What happened next probably exceeded anyone's wildest dreams.

Word spread, devoted fans flocked to the site and opened their wallets.  Big time.  Within 6 hours, the Veronica Mars movie had already raised $1.3 millions - a new record for Kickstarter.  And, by 7:30 p.m., roughly 12 hours after the campaign went live, the movie was fully funded, with more pledges continuing to come in

This is amazing news on several levels.  First, we get a Veronica Mars movie!  Fans have been asking for this for years, and now it's finally a reality.  And we have ourselves to thank.  (Full disclosure: I pitched in $100 to make it happen).  Second, this could be a real game changer.  The fans have spoken.  We can dictate what movies and television gets created.  We are taking the power and decisionmaking authority out of the studios' hands.  Warner Bros. never would have made a Veronica Mars movie before this.  Audiences have the power to shape their own viewing destinies now.  That's huge.

But, there are some limitations:

  • I don't think a Kickstarter campaign would work to fund an expensive, effects heavy movie.  It's not like fans are going to be able to fund a Justice League flick, no matter how frustrated they might be that we haven't had one yet.  Veronica Mars is perfect for this very reason.  It can be done on the cheap, without skimping on the quality.
  • The creative forces behind the project must be totally on board and willing to work for cheap.
  • The fans have to be passionate.  You're not going to see a successful Kickstarter campaign for the revival of Guys with Kids anytime soon.

So, this obviously got me thinking.  If this fundraising model worked for Veronica Mars, what other shows and/or movies could it work for?  And, of those options, which ones would I spend my money on to ensure they actually happen?  Here are 10 other dormant movies and/or TV shows that I would kickstart in a heartbeat.  What about you?  What would you like to kickstart?

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