The Walking Dead Recap: Arrow on the Doorpost

The Walking Dead Recap: Arrow on the Doorpost
Daryl and his lady hair.

Last week's episode of The Walking Dead was a little bit of a stand-alone. We took a little side trip to Rick's old stomping grounds to look for new weapons and old friends. This week's episode didn't pack the emotional punch of the previous hour and it really treaded water plot-wise. Plus, Andrea was up to her usual tricks, inserting her nose into situations that had nothing to do with her, and that's never a good thing.

The Deal: Rick agrees to meet the Governor inside an abandoned farm somewhere. This meeting was allegedly set up by Andrea, but who knows. She's delusional. She gave one speech to a group of people who hadn't heard a speech in years and now she Babraham Lincoln. The plan is for Rick and the Governor to chat about peace and stuff and not killing each other.

The Result: Not much. I think the writers really believed they had created some automatic tension by simply putting Rick and the Governor in the same room, but they were wrong. The Gov had hidden some weapon (I think. The episode was darker than Girls) under the table; but the writers ignored Chekov's rule, and the weapon was never fired. This could've been a great opportunity for us to see how crafty and charismatic the Governor can be (lord knows I could never use those words to describe Sheriff Rick). When the Governor came on the scene, I had hopes that he'd become The Walking Dead's Ben Linus, or at least a regular old sociopathic despot. More and more it seems that the Governor is less charismatic leader and more Andrea with an eyepatch.

Oh, but what actually came of their conversation? Again, not much. They agreed to meet again in two days, and Rick is supposed to turn over Michonne to the Governor...OR WAR.

Is Rick gonna do that? I mean, In my head I've crafted a gorgeous love story between him and Michonne (Team #Richonne FOREVER). I don't know what Rick's gonna do. He consulted the sage Hershel, who has only become more oracle-like since losing his leg and growing out his hair. Rick asked the important question: Is Michonne's life worth more than everybody else's? Is she worth more than Carl and Maggie and Beth? And, oh yeah, the baby one? My quick answer is, yes, Michonne's life is worth more than some of those other people's, but I won't say whose (*cough* Beth *cough*).

But is he going to turn over Michonne? Again, unclear. But it doesn't matter anyway because neither side trusts the other and there's going to be war anyway, so why not just arm Michonne with her katana and let her do what she does best, namely disappear into a zombie infested diner and emerge unscathed with photographs in under ten seconds?

Anything else? The best part of this episode was when Rick and the Governor kicked Andrea out of their little barn meeting. I really thought that they might completely switch tactics at that point and join forces to get rid of Andrea. That's change we can all believe in.

But the OTHER best part was when all of the henchmen (and Milton) were waiting outside the barn for Rick and the Gov to emerge. They all started to see each other as people and there were some really sweet bromances brewing, Dartinez (Daryl and Martinez) and Milshel (Milton and Hershel). Man, those guys would be besties if only their leaders could put aside their differences. War is hell, people. Hell.

Bits and Bites

  • No direct T-Dog mention in the show, but there was a throw away line about Lori and some other guy dying in the prison. T-Dog is some other guy! #NeverForget!
  • The prison situation is a hot mess right now. There's no real leadership. Glenn thinks he's the leader, but really people are just patting him on the head like, "Shhh, young man, go drink your milk."
  • Also, what kind of leader leaves his post to bone his girlfriend? A dead leader, that's what.
  • Shouldn't Hershel fashion himself a machine gun prosthetic leg like Rose McGowan in Planet Terror? The answer is, yes, he should.
  • Next week's episode, if the preview is to be believed, looks like more table setting and Andrea whining. Adjust your drinks accordingly.

What did you think of this episode of The Walking Dead? Will Rick turn Michonne over to the Governor, or will he profess his love for her and marry her in a touching prison ceremony (the honorable Peg Leg Hershel presiding)?

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