Movie Review: The Call (***)

Movie Review: The Call (***)


Genre: Thriller

Rating: R

Running Time: 96 mins.

Premise: A 911 operator (Halle Berry), haunted by the death of one of her callers, must face her past when she takes the call of a girl (Abigail Breslin) who has been kidnapped and thrown in the trunk of a car by the same killer.

Behind-the-Scenes: Produced by WWE films.  Wrestler David Otunga has a small part as a cop investigating the girl's disappearance.  He also happens to be married to Jennifer Hudson.

The Good: The Call is an unpretentious, nimble and junky B-movie thriller.  It cuts right to the chase, and delivers the thriller goods in a way that is consistently entertaining, if not a lick surprising.  Berry is quite good in the lead role, and regains some of her movie star luster which had worn off over the past decade.  The third act takes a rather dark, twisted direction when it starts to explain the motives of its killer, and I thought it was pretty out-there.  In a good way.  Director Brad Anderson (The Machinist, lots of Fringe episodes) knows his way around the genre, and keeps things as fresh as possible.

The Bad:  Berry's character does some pretty stupid things throughout the movie that had me groaning at times.  There is nothing here that you haven't already seen in the preview, and it is easy for the audience to stay one step ahead of the screenplay.  The final plot twist is rushed and unsatisfying, ending an otherwise fun thrill ride on a sour note.

Should You See It?:  Yes.  If you enjoyed B-movies like Breakdown, Cellular, or Joyride, I recommend The Call.

Rating: *** out of 5 stars.

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