The Walking Dead Recap: The Suicide King

The Walking Dead Recap: The Suicide King

The Walking Dead is back, friends, and this week's episode was all about leaders, good and bad. Well, mostly bad, considering who there is to choose from among our band of merry zeroes. Let's check in with the folks who would be kings (or queens) of the Zombpocalypse.

Mr. One-Eye Post-Dystopia Governor McWhinypants: When everything was going his way, The Guv was one cool cucumber, a real smooth operator. He decorated his bachelor pad with a wall of zombie head aquariums (which has now moved to second place on my list of future band names behind "Her Ladyship's Soap"), and he was banging chicks from New Otherton left and right. He was a star, a Beatle, a kid from One Direction.

But now that things aren't going his way, the Governor has holed himself up in his ransacked palace, only emerging to shoot a few walkers here and there and to blow off Andrea when she shows up to complain. So, really, the new Governor is doing one thing right.

The Insane Despot, Sheriff Richard Grimes: So Rick is legit crazy now. His schtick is no longer about "keeping the people of the group safe," so much as its about "yelling at stupid Lori's stupid ghost." He's lost the plot, and he's starting to lose his followers. Hershel is straight up telling Rick he's wrong. Glenn is growing sullen and vengeful. Daryl is defecting to go hang out with that dickwad Merle. Nothing is going right for Rick, but for the fact that he's crazy. When you're crazy enough to start screaming nonsense in a room full of (armed) people, folks tend to listen to you.

Dr. Feelgood and Cutty from The Wire: While Rick and the soldiers were out fighting in Woodbury, Hershel and Tyrese were holding down the fort in the prison, making friends and gaining trust. If it were up to the two of them, our Zeroes and Tyrese's group would band together, gain strength in quickly decreasing numbers, and work together to form a utopia inside the prison walls. This all sounds like a decent plan, until Rick shows up with all his yelling. Lesson: Loud words win out over quiet ones every time.

Andrea the Oratrix: Oh, good lord, New Otherton is screwed. The Governor has locked himself inside his apartment and the villagers look to (holy frug) Andrea to lead them. She delivers one of the most stirring speeches of the Zombpocalypse (I'm assuming they haven't heard many stirring speeches), which was all about banding together and the death never stopping and how future generations will remember Woodbury (even though it's impossible to think there even might be a future if Andrea's in charge). The people liked the speech, anyway, because after she finished they were all cheering and clapping and no longer threatening to leave. Andrea is not the leader they need, but she is the one they deserve. Morons.

Since most of these people are failures as humans, who should the Zombpocalypse survivors look to for leadership, at least until Carl grows tall enough to take out his dad? Low Rent Jamie-Lee Curtis? Beth? Maggie? Baby Judith? The ghost of T-Dog, never forget?

Bits and Bites:

  • All of a sudden, everyone is just assuming that there's some great romance brewing between Carol and Daryl, despite the fact that they look more like siblings than Daryl and Merle do. So my question is, what do we call the romance ship of Carol and Daryl? Should it be Caryl or Darol?
  • How about that "Li'l Asskicker" crib," available now at Buy, Buy, Baby for $349.
  • Oh, Michonne is still there, guys. I forgot to mention her. Hershel is fixing her up right good, and then Rick is going to send her out in the wilderness to fend for herself, because Rick is a tool.
  • All is not well in the relationship of Glenn and Maggie. He's way more upset about the Governor seeing her bra than she is. Glenn, right now, is all about vengeance. This will not end well.
  • Tyrese made a comment about being the first "brother to break into a prison." I'll forgive him because he didn't know, but obviously T-Dog was the first brother on The Walking Dead to break into a prison, and we must never forget.
  • Beth kissed Rick when he returned from war. Is this the start of a father/son/farmer's daughter love triangle?
  • I have no doubt that Carol was That Woman who used to complain incessantly about all the noise in the city.
  • One-legged Hershel hopping down the stairs was a thing of beauty.

What did you think?

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