Tweet Reviews: Mama, The Last Stand, Hansel & Gretel, Movie 43

This week, we're playing catch-up with all the movies I've seen in theaters the last week.  Nothing must-see here, but in case you were wondering, here's my take.  Read below for quick thoughts and flip through the gallery to see the star ratings.

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters: About as good as its title suggests.  Which is to say, not good.  At just under 80 minutes minus end credits, this barely even qualifies as a movie.  Dumb, rushed, and unpretentious - this should put an end to the slew of high concept twists on classic tales that have been released lately.

Mama: Excellent beginning and ending, which is rare for a horror movie, but it really stretches believability in the middle, and doesn't make the most of its fantastic premise for much of the running time.  Jessica Chastain is better in this than she is in Zero Dark Thirty.  At least she has a real character arc here.

Movie 43: What a weird movie.  I can't say I laughed much, but I was always wondering where this would go next.  A series of unconnected skits, a la Kentucky Fried Movie, this is mostly notable for seeing big-time celebrities get their comedy freak on.  Crude and vulgar throughout - if you can't handle near-constant dick jokes, you should avoid.

The Last Stand: This will probably be remembered as Arnold's big attempt at a career comeback that tanked.  It's not as bad as that opening weekend box office suggests.  Nothing really new here, but it's flashy and entertaining.  A well-directed action film that should play just fine at home on a Saturday night.  For my money, Arnold's still got it.


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