Reason #459 Why This is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Reason #459 Why This is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I'm a big December fan. December contains Christmas and my daughter's birthday and MY birthday, which I share and celebrate with my close, personal best friends Brad Pitt, Christina Aguilera (I just call her X-Tina, because we're so tight), Katie Holmes, Steven Spielberg, and some dead guy named Ty Cobb. We hold a seance every year. It's off the chain.

But those aren't even my favorite reasons for loving December. No, my favorite, number one reason is this:

All the stores open early.

This weekend, I just moseyed over to Old Orchard on Sunday before 10 AM, figuring the stores would be open. And they WERE. Like magic. No waiting until 11 AM, when I'm already on second breakfasts and half the day has been wasted.

I am the mother of small people. It's sleeping in for them if they're in bed past 6:30. We are ready for our day by 8:00. The boy child is in school and gets out around 10:30. When the stores don't open until 10:00 AM during the "regular" part of the year, shopping becomes like that awesome Toys R Us shopping spree that we all wanted to do when we were kids, except with fewer toys and more stress. And don't tell me I can go shopping later in the day. That's just barbaric.

There are some (blessed) stores that always open early, which to me means by 9:00. Those lovely shopping emporia are Barnes & Noble, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, PetSmart, and Home Depot. I love those stores. I probably spend more money in those stores simply because they are open and Baby Cookies and I need places to go.

Second thought, maybe it's a good thing for my bank account that Gap doesn't open at 9 AM.


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