The Jobs Only a Man Can Do

I was doing the laundry (women's work) this morning when I noticed that the lightbulb above the basement sink was out. Now, I am perfectly capable of changing this lightbulb. I just don't want to. It would require me to locate a screwdriver and bring down the stepladder from the pantry and find a lightbulb. No thank you. So, I'll leave that one for the husband.

Both of us have jobs we refuse to do around the house. I think it all evens out eventually. He won't clean the toilet. I won't plunge the toilet (mostly because I'm afraid of exacerbating the situation and making a bigger mess for me to clean up). I don't like to take out the garbage. He doesn't like to replace the garbage can liner. We've got kind of a good system going.

Are there chores around the house that either you or your significant other refuse to do?

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