Misunderstandings on the Internet

Misunderstandings on the Internet

Dear Readers,

Something came to my attention recently after I wrote a post about how my son does not want to go to college thanks to the movie Toy Story 3.

Apparently, people assumed I was "just being funny."

Nothing can be further from the truth and, frankly, after seven years of blogging, it concerns me that people question my sincerity and earnestness.* I can't believe I've been misunderstood for so long. I stand by everything I say on this blog, from believing that Pixar is worst thing to happen to children to thinking everyone should dress as a Sexy Waldo for Halloween.

I don't have this problem in real life. People who know me personally know that "funny" is that last word one would use to describe me. "Crazy wingnut whom we've stopped inviting to dinner parties?" Definitely.  "Funny?" Never.

So, I'm sorry for the confusion.


*If you can not sense the sarcasm dripping in this post, then you should probably go ahead and quit the internet right now.

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