Do Boys Obsess Like Girls Do?

Emma Fraser and I sent scores of emails across the Atlantic Ocean this week discussing the second episode of My So-Called Life for This Was Television. A big part of our discussion centered around the fact that we were pretty boy crazy in high school. And I mean that in the nerdy, not-getting-any Angela Chase sense. We weren't so much dating boys or talking to boys or engaging in interpersonal relationships with boys (at least not the boys we were crushing on), but a very good portion of our time in high school was spent thinking about boys or memorizing the schedules of boys or talking on three-way to our friends about boys.

And then it occurred to us: Did guys do the same thing? Or did they, like Jordan Catalano, have other things going on? If they did obsess like we did, well, that's reassuring. If they didn't, well, then I'm kind of sad for us. What amazing grades could I have gotten if I hadn't spent all of sophomore English staring at the back of the head of that silent guy who looked like Keanu Reeves in Speed?

So, did you obsess? And, if you did, do you have any horribly embarrassing stories you'd like to share? Did you ever end up dating someone you'd had a huge crush on? Did it live up to your expectations?

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