Breaking Bad Recap - Dead Freight

Breaking Bad Recap - Dead Freight

So, I think there's not a ton to say about last night's Breaking Bad. There was a heist. It went off, mostly, without a hitch.

I know the premise of this episode was supposed to be exciting and mesmerizing, like most heist films aspire to be. The thrill is in watching the whole thing come together. I thought this was kind of a pedestrian heist. It just involved a lot of hoses and buried tanks and whatever. There were no acrobatics or pyrotechnics. And I know Jesse getting caught under the train was supposed to be thrilling and scary, but my fingernails are all the same length they were when the episode started. I knew they weren't going to kill Jesse like that. Jesse can't be killed by a train. He has to find out what a douchebag Walt is and THEN he can die. Or not. And for a show whose tension is legendary, the fact that I was not at all tense during this scene is problematic.

That said, Landry killed the kid on the bike with the scorpion. And now Walt and Crew have a dead kid on their hands and we all know how Jesse feels about using kids. And...shrug. Walt has his methylene. Business goes on.

Other things:

  • One thing this episode does is solidify where things are going for the Heisenberg Crew. They kill kids and rob trains. Heaven help anyone who gets in Walt's way. Jesse is not going to like this.
  • Skyler tells Walt that she knows someday someone is going to come to the house looking for him and the children must not be home. I feel like this is foreshadowing and, yes, the kids will be there when...whoever...comes looking for Walt.
  • Did I miss something? What is Landry's deal? Who goes from mild-mannered exterminator who notices nanny cams to kid killer?
  • Hank and Holly hanging out = Hank and Marie are totally going to have full custody of the baby when all this is said and done. It's their happy ending.
  • Mike wants out. If Mike really wants out, Mike is a dead man.
  • We didn't see Walt's reaction to the kid being killed. I think he's going to be just fine with it, maybe even proud of Landry for doing the deed. Landry is becoming Walt's Mike, and ergo Landry is going to be the one to kill Mike.
  • You should really see my notes on this episode. Many of them are inscrutable. (For example: Hey’re pumping. They’ve got the car started. The guy sarts it. It doesn’t work. ]] or  roobing a train) I think I may have dozed a little. What did I miss? Seriously.

Were you as underwhelmed by this episode as I was?

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